Our Opinion: A generalization

A CBS television network attorney, Hayley Getfman-Gold, had this to say, via social media, about the massacre at a country-western music concert in Las Vegas:

“I’m actually not even sympathetic (because) country music fans often are Republican gun toters.”

CBS promptly and properly fired her.

Reports in the wake of the horrific night make it clear that some generalization about those at the concert may be in order, however.

A truly incredible stream of stories about men and women risking their lives to protect others — throwing their bodies over people they’d never met, to shield them from bullets, for example — is emerging from the massacre.

Accounts of civilians not waiting for first responders, but administering life-saving aid and using private vehicles as ambulances have been common, too.

Getfman-Gold made a sweeping judgment about people. She was both incorrect and morally wrong, of course.

Hate of great depth was displayed Sunday night in Las Vegas. The reaction from those country music fans Getfman-Gold dislikes was courage and compassion on a monumental, apparently near-universal, scale.

So yes, a generalization can be made. Ask those whose lives were saved by those “Republican gun toters” about that.