Our Opinion: Thank you

People rip them.

They never do a good enough job, some say.

Well, our reporter rode with a PennDOT plow truck driver on Tuesday, and let us tell you, they do do a good job.

You’re driving slowly, trying to miss mailboxes, guardrails, cars, every few feet. How easy of a job does that sound like?

It’s a 14-foot wide contraption driving on a lane that’s even less than that.

There are safety factors, but we don’t hear a lot about accidents, injuries, damages…

And our winters are long and annoying.

Drivers have to worry about cars coming at them, while worrying about mailboxes and cars on the right.

They like driving, but more so they want people to get home safely.

There are three daily shifts out of the Starbrick headquarters.

They will get to your road. Be patient.

In the meantime, don’t do anything foolish, and drive carefully.

And give credit where credit is due.

We wouldn’t want their job, but we’re grateful they want it.