Our Opinion: With purpose

If there’s one thing that’s clear in the series of Hospice volunteer stories TO reporter Stacey Gross is writing it is that everyone’s skill has a purpose.

These are volunteers, folks; volunteers with day jobs, in most cases, some are retired and don’t have to be doing these things.

But they do.

90 percent volunteering had a family member who was in Hospice, and the one thing that every single one has said to Stacey is that the quality of the service was so meaningful to their family that they want to be a part of it for other people.

There have been barbers, artists, musicians… walks of life you may not know provide so much solace to those dealing with a dying loved one.

It’s important to note, in this day and age of divisiveness, and negative stories every day in newspapers across the country, there are people like Jeff Frailey, Janet Denardi, Sandy Ransom, April Gazalie, Ellen Paquette, Fran Leto, Rich Gruber, Pat Carlson, Jean Walker, Mary Ann Kuzmin, and many others.

These features show the good in the world in the face of even the most trying circumstances.

It’s always nice to be shown.