Our Opinion: To the American people

President Barack Obama and his aides clearly want other world leaders at the Paris talks on climate change to believe our country is virtually unique.

U.S. negotiator Todd Stern is telling other countries’ representatives there is no need to worry about efforts to block Obama’s plan for drastic new limits on carbon emissions. Such action “will ultimately not prevail,” Stern has been quoted as saying.

Perhaps not while Obama is president. He has vowed to veto any bill Congress sends him in an attempt to block his war against affordable electricity.

But Obama will leave the White House in early 2017. It is likely a Republican will succeed him and will be working with a GOP-controlled Congress eager to repeal Obama’s needlessly harsh emissions rules.

In such a scenario, leaders of virtually any nation on earth would rush to rescind laws harmful to their people. But Stern and his boss hope leaders in Paris will believe government actions in America, no matter how detrimental, are set in stone forever.

They are not – because unlike Obama, most members of Congress understand their first allegiance is to the American people, not foreign leaders.