Our Opinion: A legitimate question

Are President Barack Obama’s histrionics over Syrian refugees out of concern for their welfare – or frustration that he is not getting his way? It is a legitimate question in view of his own comments.

Many Americans worry that simply throwing our nation’s doors open to the refugees could usher into our midst terrorists intent on doing us harm. One of the Paris attackers got to France as a refugee. At least two other people involved in attacks elsewhere fit the same profile.

National security leaders admit there is no way to vet all of the refugees adequately to keep terrorists out of their ranks. Yet Obama rails against anyone questioning his desire to admit at least 20,000 of those fleeing hostilities in Syria.

In particular, the president has made fun of those who, he claims, want to keep 3-year-old orphans out of the United States.

But Canadian leaders have an answer. They will admit children, women and families – but no single men, who are more likely to be terrorist moles.

If Obama’s motive is humanitarian, why has he not suggested that, at least as a start? Or is this a situation in which nothing less than a full victory will satisfy his ego?