Our opinion: Losing the tubes

Some time ago we wrote in this space about the difficulty in ridding oneself of old tube-type televisions, that there must be millions out there in viewer land, millions more already in landfills, and yet hardly a recycling center to be found to accept them.

Working models, fortunately, can be offered up to the Salvation Army store in North Warren. But those which present nothing but snow or the black of night are problematic. You can’t put them out with your trash. Well, you can, but they become a permanent lawn decoration. Recyclers won’t take them, and the prospect of your progeny being stuck with them is too horrible to imagine.

St. Joseph’s School is coming to your rescue.

The school has operated a one-day electronics recycling program for the past couple years, and this year, in addition to taking those beta-max video machines, decrepit computers, and all other manner of electronic flotsam, the recycler the school has secured to run this year’s event will be more than happy to accept the tube televisions that are living in your basement or shed, unused and unloved.

And, ridding yourself of that hefty piece of electronic history will cost you nothing, although we might suggest in gratitude for lightening your load, you offer a monetary token of appreciation.

This year’s event will be held on Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Unlike previous years, this year’s event will not accept paper products. Those one may recycle readily at other venues.