An occasional collection of vignettes from events and public meetings in Warren County that never make it into news stories because…well, you’ll see.

Something else

In the school board committee’s agenda, there are spaces reserved in case someone wants to talk about something not on the agenda. The ‘new business’ heading has an ‘other’ item. And, there is a whole heading entitled ‘other,’ with ‘other’ as its only item. At the end of new business, a board member who had something to say had to admit, “I’m not sure which other to address this under.”

Lane staying

Everyone has their favorites. Some like to live vicariously. Some play devil’s advocate. And some like what they do every day. When it was time to give an annual status report on her department, a school district administrator said, “This is the most exciting thing on the agenda tonight, to me.”


During a previously one-sided discussion, a school board member said she was going to play devil’s advocate and represent the other side. “That’s my favorite role to play,” she said. The response was immediate. “The devil?”