The adventures of Baxter

Times Observer Photo by Dave Ferry The Warr-Penn viaduct.

We got Baxter as a puppy in April of 2006 in Oswego, NY.

He was a month old and no bigger than a Coke bottle.

There were two other puppies left from that litter, and we had already discussed choosing a girl.

That was until Karyn picked him up and he kissed her face.

He chose us.

Times Observer Photo by Dave Ferry Baxter in the wild off of Morrison Run.

Growing up with the St. Lawrence River as his front yard may have spoiled him a little. He swims up until the river freezes over and I always make sure he gets in at first thaw.

We take him on our camping road trips, swearing we would never put him on a plane, and we have held our ground. He’s been New York City, Maine, and Nova Scotia with us.

I have always tried to make a little adventure an everyday part of his life. When I moved back here, I was worried I wouldn’t find enough for him to do. I was all over this county growing up, so it’s hard not to feel like I’ve seen it all.

Now that I’ve been here with him for nearly two months, I now know it isn’t true.

I have accepted the challenge to discover new settings with Baxter. One of our first stops was on Morrison run, the Warr-Penn. I had never seen this via-duct and the stream beyond. I have to thank my dad for cluing me in.

Times Observer Photo by Dave Ferry It’s not quite deep enough for swimming here, and the rocky stream isn’t something Baxter is used to, but there’s still lots more trail to explore out here.

The stream is perfect for Baxter to wade through and cool off a little. He loves nature and he loves hiking. Having water nearby is a must.

Our next stop was the Brokenstraw Creek bike/hike trail in Youngsville. He’s not so used to the rocky-bottomed streams, but he’s warming up to them. I ran into fellow Eisenhower alumni, Piper VanOrd, and I have to thank her for pointing this gem out to us.

By far, his favorite stop so far has been beneath the railroad tracks directly across from Point Park. The river isn’t quite as swift here, and it’s deep. He’s had lots of swimming time here over the last week. Thanks to Karen Kolos of Paws along the river for pointing us in this direction.

So far, I’d say we’re off to a good start. But we’re both excited to see what else is out there.

To be continued…

Times Observer Photo by Dave Ferry There’s nothing like an evening swim in calm waters to take the edge off at the end of a humid day.