Only you

Gary Lester

“Only You” by The Platters is an absolutely wonderful ballad. I figured their version of the tune had to be a #1 hit way back when they did it in 1955, but it wasn’t. It only made it to #5. They were up against Mitch Miller and “Yellow Rose of Texas,” The Four Aces and “Love is a Many Splendored Thing,” and Roger Williams with “Autumn Leaves.” There certainly were a lot of great tunes being done back then but still, “Only You” is my favorite.

The tune ends with the tenor warbling “….my one and only you.” I was thinking about that phrase and wondered: is there just a “one and only” you or me? I’m not so sure. The singer is a romantic and is obviously singing to his girl friend, but it seemed there might be more to the idea than that.

I mean, a guy is a son and he might be a dad, a brother, and an uncle. Likewise a gal is a daughter and could be a mom, a sister, and an aunt. If you take on these different roles, are you a different you? I think maybe you are. Interesting, isn’t it that there could be a bunch of different yous even while The Platters suggest that isn’t the case?

While we’re at it, let’s bring “time” into the equation. Are you the same you that you were before? Are you the same you that you will be in the future?

Now I’m a firm believer that we should view our lives in “the now.” The “one and only you” in the now is really all you have to work with. Now is the only time you can get anything done. So let’s lock in the concept of the you in the now.

But wait a minute… what about the you that you were a while back? What about the you you’ll be in the future? We’re collecting a bunch of yous, aren’t we?

“You, You, You,” was another popular tune done by the Ames Brothers in 1953. It’s an OK tune, but… excuse me, I digress…. Digression is an interesting thing that creeps into stories… there I go again…

The past you has a lot to offer. All those experiences, all those successes, all those failures… so much to learn from. And the future you is important too. All those hopes, dreams and goals…. But again, the you in the now is really where the action is.

I suggest we take an inventory of all the yous we are. Some are probably more fun, or more useful, or more successful than others. Write down your yous with a little space between them and add comments like: “a good one,” “use this all the time,” “this one tends to get me into trouble.” Get familiar with your yous so you can use the one most fitting for the situation.

You want to know something? The more I thought about all my yous, the better I felt about myself. I’m pretty proud of some of my yous. Sometimes they get important things done. Sometimes they lead me to fun places with fun people. And the few yous that aren’t so positive… well, yous win some and yous lose some… that’s life. That was a big hit for Frank Sinatra in ’66, by the way…

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