An occasional collection of vignettes from events and public meetings in Warren County that never make it into news stories because…well, you’ll see.

Big news

An email alert arrived in the newsroom announcing a bust involving DEA, ATF, and others, and a man who had been using a Warren house as a place to sell and store drugs. In the bust, authorities found heroin, crack cocaine, an assault rifle, and other stuff. Fortunately for the community, the address was off the beaten path — 1030 Mason Street, Warren, PA. But the dateline was off by about one state. It was in Warren, Ohio.


Retirement? Pshaw. At a recent school board meeting, a teacher spoke about her vision of her future. “As long as I can get on my little-motorized scooter” at the age of “100 and whatever” she plans to keep doing what she’s doing.


Sometimes, the cost of money is too high. At a recent school board meeting, an administrator explained why the district was going after one pool of funds and not another. Some dollars required that the district proves it is “persistently dangerous.” We are glad to hear that neither the leaders of the district nor the people holding the purse strings think that of our district.