You’ve got me all aTwitter

I am not all atwitter about Twitter.

That’s ‘atwitter’ — nervously concerned or excited.

I was recognized as a newspaper guy the other day. Happens a lot. In this case, it was particularly easy. I had multiple cameras around my neck and a Times Observer shirt on.

‘Are you Brian?’

Yes. Yes I am.

You retweet my posts. (I’m not quoting there because I don’t speak that language fluently and could have the words mixed up.)

No. No I do not.

It’s not that I disagree with her posts. It’s not that I consider whatever she was posting not worth retweeting.

I’m just choosy.

And I choose to avoid social media like the plague.

So, I have never seen her tweets, much less had any idea how to retweet them.

I have logged on to Twitter. Once. On a public account. And the people around me marked their calendars and set off a flare.

I have clicked on things that sent me to windows that would have had me creating a Facebook account. Once I figured out that was what I was doing, I stopped.

No, the real problem was a case of mistaken identity.

I am Brian.

I am a newspaper guy.

But I am not Brian the newspaper guy who knows something about Twitter. That would be Brian Hagberg.

I explained the confusion away and we had a nice chat.

As with many other people I talk social media with, she seemed to agree with me that there is some wisdom in avoiding social media.

That’s odd to me.

I feel like I am among a minuscule minority of people who are not on any social media — especially Facebook.

Can you live without social media? I’m pretty confident I can.

Maybe it’s like a smartphone. I resisted having one of those for a long time.

Did I survive without it?


Now that I have one, do I look at it 482 times a day… about 6000 percent more than I need to? (Estimates.)


Would I want to give it up now?


But, would it be a good idea?


Brian Ferry has been a staff writer, photographer, finder and fixer of things, judger of food, and social media antagonist at the Times Observer since 2006. He just found out he mispells minuscule.