Homemade cleaning products

Ann Swanson

As March began we were faced with the lion or the lamb scenario. They say if March comes like a lion it goes out like a lamb or vice versa.

When I was teaching I always had with that concept. I let the children make a lion or lamb to predict what would happen. Then, I made a graph of their choices – a little math, a little science, and some art.

March is one of those months when the weather can be almost anything. We rejoice when the weather is good and grin and bear it when we have a storm. Whatever happens the weather cannot last long.

It is also the time when I begin my spring cleaning. I look forward to those days when I can open the windows and air the house out. I already have opened the screens on my doors this season since the weather was so nice.

Over a period of time I have been collecting recipes for cleaning products that do not harm the environment. We all live on this wonderful planet so we are all charged with sustaining it.

I cannot personally take credit for any of these recipes. Some have come to me by way of the Internet or in e-mails. Some have come from my reading. The thing that intrigued me about all of them is that they do not have ingredients that harm the environment.

To clean mirrors

½ c. water

½ c. white vinegar

1 T. cornstarch

Mix well then use on your mirrors.

Toilet Cleaner

½ c. water

½ c. baking soda

½ c. hydrogen peroxide

¼ c. dish soap

Apply to toilet water and let set for about an hour. Swish with a brush and flush. Does not harm your septic system either.

Oven Cleaner

2 oz. Dawn dish detergent

4 oz. lemon juice

8 oz. white vinegar

10 oz. water

Spray and let soak 15 min. Wipe clean.

All-Purpose Cleaner

8 oz. distilled vinegar

2 tsp. baking soda

4 oz. lemon juice

2 oz. Dawn dish detergent

10 oz. water

Pour vinegar and baking soda into bottle. Allow to fizz. Add rest of ingredients.

To Melt Ice

2/3 c. vinegar

1/3 c. water

To Keep Spiders Away

Peppermint oil and water

Weed -Be-Gone

1-gallon vinegar

2 c. Epsom salts

¼ c. Dawn dish detergent (blue original)

Tick Repellent

20 drops of lemongrass oil

20 drops of eucalyptus oil

4 oz. of water

Put into a spray bottle to use. Spray before you head to the woods.

Cleaning Solution

½ c. non-sudsing ammonia

½ c. rubbing alcohol

1 tsp. dishwashing liquid

Fill with water to one gallon

Be sure to wear gloves while using.

Make use of those that make sense to you and do not worry about the effect on the environment. Happy spring cleaning!

Ann Swanson writes from her home in Russell, PA. Contact at hickoryheights1@verizon.net.