A little bit more ‘still’

Jon Sitler Managing Editor

I’m going to try to slow things down a bit.

I’ll try for more than a bit, but even a “bit” will work.

This may come off as some type of New Year’s resolution; I suppose it’s as good a time as any.




Maybe it starts with myself.

A good friend once suggested I “be still.”

Who knew what that meant. I didn’t. Or couldn’t.

“To make quiet or still; calm; pacify.”

Maybe … slow down.

Enjoy every moment.

Or some moments.

Any moment.

Life goes so fast. Too fast. Work encompasses so much of it. Bills. Debt. Car problems. Home repairs. Lack of sleep. Lack of time. Lack of…

I’m not suggesting you enjoy it more when the new puppy relieves himself on the carpet.

But … I am suggesting, you:

Live a little healthier.

(Make it a habit to go for a walk every day — even for a half hour; sleep a little better; eat a little better).

Live a little happier.

(Smile and laugh more often — have more conversations by turning your phone off once a week).

Be a little easier on yourself.

(Set short- and long-term goals and, be patient).

Be easier on your kids and others.

(Do whatever you can to calm down; I don’t know… meditate, read, or watch a motivational video now and then).

Be still.

I’m going to try.

A little bit at a time.