An occasional collection of vignettes from events and public meetings in Warren County that never make it into news stories because…well, you’ll see.

Belting it out

When a proud basketball coach spoke about his team at a recent school board meeting, he let the board know about their skills… and some areas in which they lack skill. It’s easy for a team that goes undefeated to enjoy bus rides home. And this team did. It should be easy for the coach, too. But, as soon as the engines were fired up, the windows were down, and “they sang very poorly, but very loudly.”


That same basketball coach may have slipped in a gentle barb at the school board. “We are 26 minutes late into our practice tonight,” he said. On hearing that, at least one of the players did a little dance. Call it a warm-up.

Joyful marauding

“The students had a really nice time,” the advisor said. That’s great. What were they up to? “They invaded the YMCA.”