An occasional collection of vignettes from events and public meetings in Warren County that never make it into news stories because…well, you’ll see.

Keep up

Keeping the minutes at a public meeting is an important task. It can also be challenging. Being a part of the meeting while keeping the minutes might be too much to ask. During a recent one, the secretary was giving reports for members who were not present and then writing that report. Each time she was done speaking, the president moved on to another issue. At one point, she had to slow things down. “Hold on a minute. I can’t keep up with me.”

Depends on whom you ask

Economics is complicated. Supply and demand, diminishing returns, and all that stuff. And, sometimes, the stuff that makes sense isn’t right. At a recent meeting, an entity was talking about selling property. One of the ideas posed was very likely to increase the chances of a sale… at a cost. “It wouldn’t hurt to lower the price.” Unless you want more money out of the sale.

You’re out of order

Meetings follow rules — Robert’s Rules of Order are commonly cited. What do you talk about? How are decisions made? When do board members speak? What about public comment? These things are all handled in a pretty uniform fashion. Things were wrapping up at a recent meeting of the Warren Blighted Property Review Committee. “I’ll entertain a motion to adjourn,” the chairman said. A board member jumped in. “I’ll second that.” There was a bit of a pause, then another member tied it all together. “I’ll make it.” The order didn’t matter. Everybody left.