Center of the universe

It seems seeing negativity in the world around us has become just as common as taking a breath. But is that a reflection of society changing or is it more so that we are not looking in the right places for happiness.

Granted it is becoming more and more difficult to keep focused on anything at all, let alone only something positive. But, personally, I know it is possible.

My oldest brother, Travis, is a pretty humble, regular guy. If you were to meet him on the street, you would have no idea that he was in the middle of a successful military career that has put him on the frontlines of the United States’ conflict with Russian. You wouldn’t know he is an attorney or that he ran three marathons. But what you would know, what he would boast about, is the fact that he was born and raised in middle of the Alleghany National Forest.

He, and several other Warren County born friends of his whose careers have taken them across the country and the globe owe their humility to what they have dubbed Warren County as, “the center of the universe.”

Now, obviously, these are educated people, that are well aware that astronomically, Warren County is not in fact the center of the universe, however, figuratively it is.

To them, what us residents may occasionally view as boring or common, they see as blissful and revitalizing. They are able to, for brief moments, escape the insanity of their daily lives, and simply enjoy the silence of home.

But it isn’t just about their own personal rural meditation. Remembering where they are from, the people here, the memories, is the origin of who they and their families are. The center of their universe encompasses everyone around them. Every new person they meet, unknowingly is meeting a small part of Warren County.

So, I purpose the question; what is the center of your universe?

Several years ago, I’m not sure I could have properly answered that question, but today, I know I can easily.

The day my son was born, was the day everything in my universe was realigned. He, in an instant, became the center of my existence. Suddenly, all the struggles of life went away when I looked into his eyes. And now, as he runs frantically through my home, his laugh makes me laugh, his tears make me sad, and the peacefulness of his sleep gives me comfort. He is and forever will be the center of my universe.

Where the center of your universe lies, is not what is important, but rather what it brings to your life. Whether it is your hometown, your children, or even a pet, the center of your universe is something or somewhere that brings you peace and focus. It should keep you grounded, humble, and have a sense of security.

Everything we see daily tells us to, “look here, or look there.” When in the broad scheme of things, we need not look far. I promise, that if you find the center of your universe, you will find yourself.

Maybe this world needs a little more genuine, and a lot less distraction.