Economic principles

There are only two things we remember from introduction to microeconomics. The rule of 72 and the law of diminishing returns. The latter we recall under these terms: the first cheeseburger is worth more to me than the fifth. After three or so, the price has to be right or that extra burger just isn’t worth it. However, according to one high-ranking county official, diminishing returns is not a universal principle. There is at least one counter-example – Timbits.

*This column does not in any way endorse any purveyor of baked goods over any other. We like them all.

Content redacted

A reporter was invited to attend a recent board meeting, but at one point he got the feeling he wasn’t a full participant.

When the board members passed around copies of something (we still don’t know what), the person to the reporter’s left said, “You can have that one.” As he removed the page and passed on the rest of the stack, the reporter noticed that there was no printing at all on his copy.


Stay tuned

Another time that attempt to keep participants more involved frequently shows up is in the first time something is used. At an unrelated meeting, an official fired up a monitor for the first time. He had to wait. The message on the screen was ‘Magic is about to happen.’ That’s cool. Who wouldn’t wait around for that? Later in the demo, one of the possible tasks was ‘feed the unicorns.’

Changing meanings

When a school bus is taken off of active duty, things change. Like the title. It’s no longer a school bus. So, the owner can cover up the letters. Covering up some of them can leave ‘cool bus,’ which is probably not said of active service buses. We drive past one of those quite frequently. But, we don’t want to stop there. With a little more modification, a school bus could be used by musicians or church groups – soUl bus. Or, maybe someone has less fond memories of their time on the bus – cRool bus. Pool bus? hoT bus? choP bus? soUP bus? sOCCER bus?


Sometimes, change is good. And sometimes, not so much. People looking for work may not have been able to jump on an opportunity that came up recently at Warren County Courthouse. A reporter saw some familiar faces and asked what was going on. The faces didn’t want to divulge details, so they distracted the reporter with food. They even offered a choice. All three options looked good, but the poppy seed baked good sounded most interesting. Just to be safe, they checked to see if the reporter was expecting to undergo any drug tests. We don’t really expect them. They’re pretty random. Could be interesting.

Related, but…

During a very amicable public hearing about a proposed zoning change, the property owners, their neighbors, and a township supervisor were talking about problems. One thing they agreed was a problem was something they couldn’t do anything about. The speed limit on the road that carries traffic to and past the property has been bumped up. “I’m not happy with them changing to 50 miles per hour,” the supervisor said. The zoning request passed. The county commissioners did not act on the state-enacted speed limit.