Get it done, Harrisburg

Over the last few months, I, and each of my colleagues, have written stories about the lack of a state budget.

We’ve heard about how the lack of a budget impacts social service agencies serving the most vulnerable among us the poor, the elderly, children, among a host of others.

Yet Harrisburg seems to do nothing, or next to nothing.

Sure, the General Assembly has passed “stop gap” funding legislation that would restore funding at prior levels.

But the Assembly had to know it was DOA with Gov. Wolf so, frankly, it’s kind of a waste of time.

It might get to a point where that’s a good idea.

But that’s a symptom of a larger issue.

And that larger issue is compromise.

At a COG meeting earlier this month, the topic of the budget came up. Glade Township Supervisor Joe Scully passionately made the point, speaking about representatives, “when you come through the damn door in the Chamber (you) forget what that letter is next to your name…. We send them to represent us, not stick with party rules.”

Maybe I’m an idealist, or politically naive, to think he’s right but I sincerely believe he is.

I understand that there is a deep divide between the philosophical positions of both parties and, as a moderate independent, I can see it.

And that divide looks like a chasm so deep as to be potentially “un-resolvable.”

I can appreciate, and I do, the degree of conviction that both sides have maintained throughout this process. I want our elected officials to be principled individuals committed to political ideals consistent with their views on government.

But, I want them to have a clear vision of when holding onto those ideals actually hurts the people they were elected to represent.

And, more importantly, I want them to have the courage, or at least the humility, to take action they might not completely agree with when it’s in the best interest of their constituents.

Bottom line: Get it done, Harrisburg. It’s time.