A time for choosing

Dear Editor,

After reading an op-ed by David Bossie of Citizens United, I agree with what he said:

A Reagan speech 55 years ago titled “A Time for Choosing” compared big government v. individual liberty and capitalism v. socialism. He chided Democrats for claiming “they’re going to solve all the problems of human misery through government and government planning.” Little has changed today.

As we prepare for the 2020 elections, the comparison between the planks of the socialist Democrats v. Trump’s pro-growth capitalist agenda is stark

O’Rourke apologizes for being a white male. Gillibrand wants to abolish ICE despite human trafficking, the opioid crisis, and MS-13 gang violence. Warren wants to eliminate the electoral college. Biden is mired in alleged crony capitalism and corruption. Sanders promotes the socialism of Russia and Venezuela. Harris wants to take private health insurance away from 175,000 Americans. Yang wants to give every American adult $1,000/month. Some propose changing the Supreme Court to 15 rotating members. All want to abolish the Second Amendment or hogtie it with excessive laws.

I see the collective ideas of the Democratic Party as ridiculous hogwash and an attempt to destroy our Republic and Constitution. Many of those running, at one time, swore to protect and defend the Constitution. Apparently, they lied when taking the oath, or they have become unamerican with a wish to dismantle our country.

A time for choosing is in our future. One can vote for a candidate and party that has done nothing positive for years and is bent on destroying America, a party that has spent 3 years unsuccessfully trying to impeach a duly elected president because they don’t have a competitive agenda, OR one can vote for a great and strong America through Trump.

Dan Reiff,



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