Vote for someone else then

Dear Editor,

I’m wondering why the letters to the editor in this newspaper seem to be so overwhelmingly anti-Trump.

I believe President Trump won the 2016 election in Warren County by a substantial margin and yet the vast majority of the letters appear to be penned by very intelligent, highly articulate, left-wing Trump haters.

Having a legitimate disagreement with the president’s politics and policies is to be expected, but the overt, undisguised, over-the-top hatred of the man is beyond the pale. Everything from his unconventional hairstyle to his mental stability is scrutinized and commented upon in the harshest terms by his detractors.

While I vehemently disagreed with everything President Obama did and attempted to do while in office, I didn’t hate the man. He is simply the product of a radical America-hating indoctrination by his parents and college professors. As a very proficient and talented politician, Barack Obama was able to disguise his utter contempt for this country and its founding. While President Obama possesses all the American patriotism of Vladimir Putin, I do not and never did hate the man.

But with our current president, the outright contempt and hatred are close to pathological. Hate is poison and poison, even in small doses, is dangerous.

If you disagree with President Trump and his policies, vote for someone else during the next election cycle and try to convince others to do the same.

When you denigrate and demean President Trump personally, you are directing the same sentiment toward millions of your fellow Americans who voted for him and his America-first policy and agenda.

Richard Holmes,



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