Enforcing the rules

Dear Editor,

I read the 9/17 Times Observer article “Park & Lie” and just ended up very confused by the decision that was ultimately made.

Chief Deppen is quoted as saying that the handheld units used by parking staff show which zone users select. If my vehicle is parked in the Midtown Lot, but I’ve paid a cheaper rate by selecting a different zone, I’m not legally parked in the Midtown lot. Simply ticket me as if I’m not paid at all. To me, the policy of ticketing $25 for parking in the wrong zone rewards an even worse behavior of not registering your vehicle at all. A normal parking ticket for not being registered or over your allotted time is only $15.

Let’s start enforcing the rules as they are before we start to whip up new ones. Parking staff should simply ticket people for not paying to park in the zone they’re parked in.

More rules just create more loopholes.

Rocco DelPrince,



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