Dear Editor,

This week, I watched as two trees were taken down on 4th Avenue. It was not a surprise to me as they have been clearly marked for some time now. Not one of my friends said thank goodness that old tree is gone. Not one said a negative thing about those trees. But, I did hear someone say those trees had a good long life.

I had spent days looking at those trees, wondering about the neighbors and pedestrians that have been shaded by them. I wondered how many co-workers have passed these trees as they entered the business parking lot.

How many children have run up and down 4th Avenue while these trees stood as guardians through the years? Yet, I was prepared that one day these trees would be taken down.

On Wednesday evening, I walked past the remains of these trees in silence and thought about this poem the great poet Maya Angelou wrote-

“When great trees fall

in forests,

small things recoil into silence…”

I stood in silence I admired the huge stump and pondered its years. I realized this is part of the circle of life.

We are privileged to live in a city that loves its trees. Our city takes pride in its trees and when it is time for one to come down the decision is made in the best interest of our community.

I am sure that soon a new tree will be planted in the empty space. The circle of life will continue as the new tree will take its place in our community. The silence of a lost tree will be greeted with sounds of joy as it flourishes along 4th Avenue.

Forward together,

Doug Hearn,