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Dear Editor,

In response to a particular letter to the editor in last Saturday’s Review-Journal, the writer compares our President to leaders in both the military and civilian milieu. I have had the opportunity and privilege to serve this country for 25 years in 2 different branches of our military. During this period, I was blessed to work for several incredible leaders who, in addition to helping me become more proficient in the workplace, inspired and motivated me to function at a much higher level as a leader. What I learned and was instilled in me by these people has served me well throughout the course of my life.

Donald Trump is not a seasoned, professional politician. Unlike his predecessor whose every word was carefully selected, tested via focus groups, fed into a teleprompter, and regurgitated to the masses, President Trump’s words are spontaneous, unscripted, brutally honest, and politically incorrect. I, too, at times, am taken aback by the content of his tweets but in perspective, his words are refreshing, necessary, and a welcome change from what we are accustomed to from our elected leaders.

Donald Trump was not my first choice for President but after seeing what he has done and continues to do for the betterment of the country I love, I can overlook whatever character flaws he has or inartful words he uses. I have neither seen nor heard anything from our President to indicate he harbors any racial animosity or is bigoted in any way. His policies and dialog are geared toward improving the lives of all Americans. His detractors are relegated to childish name-calling, false allegations, poisonous invective, and outright hatred.

I have spent a good portion of my life in the company of dynamic leaders and proud American patriots. I recognize Donald Trump as one of these people. He has demonstrated himself to be a highly competent, capable, and inspirational leader as well as a relentless fighter against radical America-hating leftists and a corrupt progressive media. President Trump is an American in love with America as am I. I wish him nothing but continues success in his quest to make America great again.

Richard Holmes,



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