Dear Editor,

Representatives Thompson, Kelly, and Senator Toomey are AWOL. During the 2016 political campaign, they vied for photo-ops and news releases with the candidate and later newly elected Trump. Nowadays, they nervously await the daily tweets and Presidential distortions and keep a low profile – no town meetings, no “Trump is my best pal” photos, etc.

They vote the McConnell/Trump agenda; they are “loyal soldiers.” They remained mute with the U.S.S. John S. McCain warship name was covered – they remained mute when Mueller’s report was distorted by Barr and Trump (Trump was not found innocent) and Mueller’s character was smeared – they remained mute when the Constitution was violated – they remained mute about Russian interference in our domestic process and mute about Trump’s refusal to prevent more of the same – etc., etc.

Being a United States federal legislator involves more than presenting tax monies for back home projects and acting as a liaison for constituents and their concerns, or it should. Capable aides and staffs do these tasks, for the most part. Legislators should not be mere tribal robots who spend an inordinate amount of time and energy raising campaign money and gauging political trends.

Their number one job should be to fulfill their oath: “To support and defend the Constitution.” Their oath does not allow political “the results justify the means” rationalization. Our Constitution is our bedrock. It must be supported and defended. Non-reelection and provoking Trump anger may be the price demanded. It shouldn’t be nor does it have to be.

Regardless, stand up. Follow our 2018 Department of Homeland Security national motto: “IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING.” Saying and doing nothing is a problem. READ THE MUELLER REPORT. Do your job.

Don Scott,



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