Really think about this

Dear Editor,

I was appalled to see the backlash against Brian Sims and his support of Planned Parenthood and the safety of the women who use the organization’s services. While his language and aggressiveness were not in good taste, his heart was. The people he “attacked” do not simply stand by and pray while women walk into the building for a heart-wrenching procedure they will never forget — they are spit on, screamed at, touched, told they will rot in hell, and many women, if not all, are there because they *need* an abortion, whether the baby is at risk, or their life is in peril.

I understand many people approach the topic with the usual “take birth control,” “use a condom,” “don’t have sex.” However, some women are taken against their will, use a condom, and birth control, and even have tubes tied, and still get pregnant. Others, like myself, can not be on any form of birth control or take a plan b due to health issues with hormonal medications. I can not use a nonhormonal IUD due to a procedure I had done to remove precancerous cervical cells. There is simply too much scarring.

If I became pregnant, my life would be at risk, as well as my mental health, and the baby would be in mortal peril. Many people are too close-minded to understand that most women simply do not use abortion as birth control.

It’s incredibly painful, both physically and mentally, and emotionally draining as well as ridiculously expensive and requires traveling and the woman cannot drive back herself. I see that most persons seem to think a fetus is a baby at 6 weeks and should acquire the rights of a human child.

So, my question for you, editor, and readers is this… If a fetus is a person at 6 weeks, then is that when child support should start? Are 6 weeks when you can no longer deport the mother because she is carrying a US citizen? Can I ensure a 6-week old, and collect if I miscarry? I’m just figuring if we’re going here, are we going all-in?

And what about the persons who are against food stamps, free lunches, social security for the baby, once it is born poor, handicapped, or of non-Caucasian ethnicity?

Food for thought: I advise the leaders and readers to really think about this and read some credible articles on the subject, and look at both sides, before pointing their fingers… especially if their hands are not clean.


Ms. Kate Kovach,