If not now, when?

Dear Editor,

If not us, then who? Who imagined that Trump would demand the separation of thousands of immigrating children from their parents? Most of the families are still separated, for 12 months or more. Or Trump’s refusals to all requests for documents and staff interviews by the House of Representatives, for their constitutionally required oversight function?

The GOP has done nothing to control Trump. What might it take for them to do so? The investigations of and “disappearances” of certain opposition journalists and political opponents? Today, Trump has started to investigate the FBI who were warned of Russian involvement in the 2016 election. He says the FBI was against him. Who among us will bother to write a letter to our representatives, asking them to do something to restore our democracy? Do we think this is all normal? Are we afraid now? Won’t we be too afraid later on? Trump might someday come to investigate each of us.

Beyond all of this, the Trump administration now seeks a confrontation, a war, with Iran. A carrier fleet is already there. Do we know why still another war and led by Trump? If you have a son or daughter in the armed services, you might begin to call, write or at least pray. Remember: Trump skipped the 1960s Vietnam draft with his dad’s money and his own “bad feet”, helping young Trump dodge all that. Should your children fight for Trump? Did he ever fight for them?

Oran Stewart,