Presidential ‘pardon’

Dear Editor,

Special Prosecutor Muellers’ report did not charge Donald J. Trump with collusion or conspiracy with a foreign government — thank God — nor did it exonerate him. The full report will be interesting to read.

I’ve followed Trumps’ presidency with a laser focus. It happens to be a presidency consumed with daily controversy, and very little achievement for our country and each of us. His lies, insults, sophmorish understanding of our democracy, preference for world dictators, an inability to strongly decry violent murders across the globe, a full-scale attack on the free press, and a vivid narcissistic attitude deserves some positive action. Where is “Tweety Bird” when we need relief and serious comedy?

Consequently, as a natural born citizen of our country, and a life-long resident and registered voter of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I hereby PARDON Donald J. Trump for the next 21 months as President of the United States of America. He may return to his previous professional life without prejudice.


M.J. Shanshala,