Turnabout & potholes

Dear Editor,

When I first heard they want to put a turnabout in Warren, my initial reaction was they are crazy. Then I saw a picture of the proposed site and changed my mind to insane! You still have people in Warren that don’t know you can turn right on a red light, much less what a yield sign means. Go down to the Ludlow St. loop and watch them enter heading east. They are full speed, never look for oncoming traffic at all. This is a waste of money for a town the size of Warren. Imagine the one in Waterford if it was in the middle of town? The taxpayers should vote all who push this to be constructed out of office! Now — Potholes. How can you build a turnabout when you can’t even fix the roads we have? The roads in Warren and the surrounding area are a disgrace. Whether it’s the City or PennDOT’s responsibility, they are pitiful. Let me give you a few examples. The one in front of CVS at the corner of Market and Penn. Ave.; it punctured my tire last week to the tune of $214 to have replaced! I have the receipt if you’d like to reimburse me. It’s a disaster. I saw smaller potholes made from artillery in Vietnam. If you turn north on Market there, about 100 feet up the street is one that will take your front axle off. There’s one at the corner of Pine St. and Penn. Ave. that will send you to a chiropractor. These are just a few examples.

I think the city officials need to get in a city vehicle together and ride around our fair city and observe just what a pathetic excuse for roads and streets and corners we have. Either there is incompetent engineering, inferior material, or a complete lack of knowledge on how to fix these car-wreckers.

When you consider a new car averages close to $30k and a new 4WD pickup averages $45k plus, this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

Fed up,

Denny Massa Sr.,