Dear Editor,

It would appear that Warren County has reached the state of the union of the rest of the country. I don’t know about you, but lately when I’ve considered the chaotic condition of the country, I have always found solace in the solid workings of our county’s institutions, and the common sense of its citizens. That seems to have changed…

We have adopted the ways of our national world: Lawyer up when the majority vote does not go your way; call people names (clowns) rather than engage in fair and serious debate. I know the folks who voted in favor: Not a Bozo in the bunch.

I wrote a fluff piece about the roundabout a few months ago. To be honest, I did not expect it would be approved, thought it was much too progressive for these conservative parts. So when it was approved I was pleasantly surprised. I’m in favor of it, but not to the point of savaging and making fun of my neighbors, plus living in the country I only get to Central Warren occasionally, such as when I take my computer down for repairs, so my vote doesn’t count.

My interaction with roundabouts has mostly been positive. I think of the roundabout in downtown Gettysburg. I like the few that have sprung about here, like those in Saegertown and Wattsburg; and the one in Irving, New York which we orbit on our way to donate to the Indians.

My primary experience came in 2015 when we went to Normandy, France. I put about 300 miles on a Volkswagen Golf on our drive down through the WWII battlefields where my father fought, on our way to visit my cousin, Chris, who owns and operates a B&B in Brittany. In that 300 miles there were few stop signs, most intersections being roundabouts.

Despite my inexperience, there was only one close call, when a French lady decided to pass on the outside (never do that in a roundabout) just when I came to my turn-off. It was a close call, and she gave me SUCH a look!

Take a breath, my friends.

To this outsider, this is not your finest hour.

John Ferry,