Like Sand Through An Hour Glass

Dear Editor,

For anyone following the saga of this Roundabout, it’s clear that it’s evoked a lot of emotion from the citizens of this community. We’ve got letters from citizens every day pointing out every conceivable reason why we shouldn’t have it. We’ve got council members grasping at straws and going down swinging trying not to let this roundabout go through. Although I’m a little blue in the face talking about this and think we need to focus our efforts elsewhere, I’ll weigh in again.

We need to all take a step back and look at the big picture. The mayor and three other members got what they wanted. The vote was 4-3. Of those 4 votes in favor of the roundabout, 2 members’ seats are up for reelection. The math is simple come May and November.

What I will not do, is call for members of council to be thrown off for conflict of interest for drawing on personal experience. Politics can be a dirty game as we see every night on the news and all day on Twitter, but Warren City Council can be better than that. I’ve never been a fan of throwing rocks in glass houses. We can see from the WTO’s opinion 3/20/19 crow is best served with a thick helping of irony. We need a unifying source to bring city council together, not drive members and this town apart. We also need a city council that does not make decisions based off emotion, but Dollars and Sense.

What I also will not do, is waste anymore taxpayer money. IF (and that’s a big IF) we’re stuck with this roundabout design, you can guarantee we’ll be looking for every grant possible and/or restructuring the “maintenance agreement” so that PennDot will pay for every last bag of salt that gets put down to maintain that intersection. I cannot in good faith spend taxpayer money on something 99% of the taxpayers do not want.

It’s going to be a fight, but let’s keep the punches above the belt and before the bell.

Christian Zavinski,