I agree

Dear Editor,

Barbara L. Boger’s letters about the roundabout could not have said it any better. I agree with everything she said.

This roundabout is going to give our town a major traffic disaster! It alone with the Liberty and Pa. Ave. will send even more traffic over 3rd, 4th, and 5th streets. Unless it is absolutely necessary, no one would want to go downtown. It may be the end of a few stores that are left between Hickory and Market streets.

The money Warren will be getting for the roundabout could go to much better use. For a light at Liberty Street, fixing potholes, and paving streets.

I don’t understand how this will work. Won’t vehicles in the roundabout have to stop somewhere every time a pedestrian wants to cross any of these five streets? Also, what about the parade? It’s a huge attraction for many people on the 4th of July.

I want to thank councilman Lewis for his courage and backbone for fighting with us on what the vast majority of us do not want. Councilman Lewis needs our help just like we need his. So please write to the editor. I also want to thank councilman Giannini and councilman Zavinski for voting against it. It’s not too late we are just getting to get things stirred up. We can and will defeat this. Write letters to show the mayor and councilmen we are serious about our objection to a roundabout, and it is not a settled issue.

Shirley Simones,