Climate change

Dear Editor,

I respect the student protester’s right to state his view about climate change. But I disagree with your reporter that the student’s views were “well-researched.”

97% of NASA scientists do not agree that we have 12 years before the effects of climate change become irreversible. In fact, 97% of scientists do not agree that man is causing harmful climate change.

The 97% figure came from John Cook’s survey of 11,944 scientific papers. After Cook published, many of the scientists that Cook relied upon said Cook read their papers wrong: Dr. Richard Tol “That is not an accurate representation of my paper…” Dr. Craig Idso “Nope . . . it is not an accurate representation.” Dr. Nir Shaviv “Cook et al. (2013) is based on a strawman argument . . .” A subsequent review of the same 11,944 papers concluded that only 1.6% of the papers supported Cook’s view that man is causing harmful climate change.

Powerful factors far outside man’s control have an enormous impact on our climate, including Earth’s orbit around the sun, the sun’s activity, and Earth’s tilt on its axis. CO2 is far down the priority list. 10,000 years ago, a mile of ice covered Canada. It didn’t melt because of CO2. 10,000 years ago, the oceans were 400 feet lower than today. Yet the alarmists have us worried about the oceans rising an inch? And, when one looks through the long lens of geology one observes that CO2 levels today are the lowest in the last 600 million years. In fact, in the Cambrian period (500 million years ago), CO2 levels were 20 times higher than today. Analyzing that long period of time, scientists have been unable to show a linkage between CO2 levels and temperature change.

If you would like to research the powerful factors that affect climate change, I commend the work of these scientists, all of whom hold doctoral degrees in the fields listed: John Christy (atmospheric science); Judith Curry (geophysical science); Nir J. Shaviv (physics); Richard Lindzen (atmospheric physics); and Lennart O. Bengtsson (meteorology). The research by these scientists (and many others) does not support the alarmist contention that man is harming our climate, let alone that disaster awaits us in 12 years.


Arthur Stewart,