Climate change protest

Dear Editor,

Bravo to Mr. Storm Sivak for taking a stand for something he believes in. Climate change is a real issue and something younger generations need to be aware of. They must speak out for a change in the way we are living our lives. Letters to the Editor have proven a majority of those living in Warren County is a backward thinking bunch unwilling to accept change but he stood his ground and got his message out. I support his message 100%. He is a brave young man that gives someone like me, a semi-retired senior, hope. People are going to say the most outrageous things about Mr. Sivak’s ideas and the Times Observer won’t shy away from printing them but rest assured Mr. Sivak, you got it right! I wish you the best of luck at your next Earth Day demonstration and that some of your fellow classmates join you instead of finding impractical excuses to do something of a lot less importance.

Larry Buzeyn,