Beyond reality

Dear Editor,

The greatest threat to this nation is the national debt, which is beyond reality. The next greatest threat is clearly the anti-American socialist racist obstructionist hating lying leaking liberals. To them, a wall is immoral, however, trimester abortions right up to birth are ‘A-Okay,’ and to top that, they fail to support the right to life for born-alive infants. Just let them die?

Following these two threats, obviously, would be an illegal entry into this nation by non-citizens by the thousands and soon-to-be millions. This illegal entry leads to the next threat — by allowing all these unknowns into our nation, we increase the possibility of terrorism occurring here. Terrorists around the world hate us. At least keep them out of here. It would be a toss-up between the threat levels of Iran and N. Korea. China is also a large threat, and don’t forget Russia.

Oops, I forgot the left’s favorite threat being climate change. First of all, the weather is defined as the day-to-day atmospheric conditions of temperature, moisture, wind velocity, and barometric pressure. Climate is commonly thought to be the weather conditions over a long period of time of a region such as a series of years. To all climate change activists wanting to fight the changing climate, maybe you should tackle a smaller task like controlling the daily weather changes that we have which change day to day and multiple times daily. Divide your task into smaller goals, just like Barry divided this nation into small glorified victim groups recreating and encouraging racism, sexism, and chaos. Good luck to those who live beyond reality. The climate and weather have been changing on their own for billions of years. Our existence on this planet is so minuscule that it becomes absurd to think we even understand it or can control it.

Jeffrey L. Carlson,