Best voting system

Dear Editor,

This Thursday is a very important day in Warren County.

As the Times Observer noted a few weeks back, the County Commissioners’ Elections Office will be demonstrating election systems and wants your input on what the county should invest in (Warren Public Library’s Slater Room, Thursday, 3/14, 4-7 p.m.).

Please take a minute to read the letter linked below from some of the nation’s top experts in election security and computer science, who strongly recommend using hand-marked paper ballots for election integrity, as opposed to the ballot marking devices (BMDs) that are being marketed to us. While it is true that a paper ballot system is 1/3 the cost of a BMD system, the expense is not the important issue. Democracy is not free of charge.

Let the County Commissioners know your informed thoughts on the matter after you look into the issues. It’s important. Elections are the only real voice citizens have in government, so voting tallies need to be transparent and completely auditable, which is not assured with electronic input systems. It is important to get this right now because this decision will probably not be revisited again for a long time. The last time was almost two decades ago.


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Thomas Paquette,