Benefits of roundabout?

Dear Editor,

What exactly are the benefits of this roundabout? Spending “free monty” on something unsafe for our city pedestrians?

Councilman Phil Gilbert, sympathies in the loss of your father. Your view on the roundabout is understandable. But… please look at the broader picture here in Warren. Many people on the side streets off & around Market Street, then walking to work crossing Market St. Removing the stop lights to accommodate for a roundabout would make their crossing extremely dangerous.

Trying to navigate the roundabout areas as a pedestrian, to and from the businesses, would definitely give me concern. Probably best not to take that route to save my life & limbs! Thus amounting in loss of revenue to those businesses.

Please walk those areas, thinking about pedestrian safety as the “big rigs” & traffic would be zooming through — the drivers only concentrating on where they are heading — not on the living, breathing people trying to cross.


Janice Moore,