Dear Editor,

With all the excitement circulating around Penna. Ave. and Market Street, I thought one more series of comments wouldn’t hurt a bit. I recently read in the WTO that a poll was conducted and a majority favored a roundabout over a traffic signal. Sorry, but I must have been busy that day because I didn’t get asked my opinion by the author of that comment.

I felt it necessary to conduct my own poll and, to my surprise, not one person was in agreement with the decision that the council made. I obviously asked people that were not asked previously … Oh well, so goes polling. I also conducted a survey by observation of the pedestrian traffic that uses that intersection. I sat in the parking lot of CVS one sunny day a couple weeks ago and in a 20-minute span saw 17 people cross the intersection at all four crosswalks. I saw 1 wheelchair, 2 baby strollers, 2 handicapped with walkers and the rest were ordinary individuals. The point here is that people walk thru that intersection frequently to shop at Tops, McDonald’s, Subways etc. and they have a signal that stops traffic.

What I have seen being proposed lacks a signal for the pedestrian to safely cross the roundabout. Crosswalks are necessary for those who choose to walk and based on observations, traffic has yielded as required. My question is, “Does Warren City Council really think that all traffic is going come to a roundabout halt when someone decides to use their rite-of-way to cross the road like they do at Liberty and Penna.?”

Be careful what you wish for. I travel Penna. Ave. frequently and I observe the pedestrian crosswalks when they’re being used by Warren’s walkers and I have never been thanked, waved at or seen anyone raise their head up and look to make sure traffic has stopped. They have the “Rite-Of-Way” and they will at the roundabout as well. I hope we all wake up and realize that we can no longer be in a big hurry like I have witnessed elsewhere.

In closing, a bright young man wrote to the editor encouraging the public to remember this fine piece of work and decision making when we go to the polls to vote. I already have my ballot ready.

Richard Lowe,