Race and humanity

Dear Editor,

I have been watching the news on many subjects lately and am curious about a couple of issues coming to the surface. First, racism has apparently reared its ugly head again and is in the national spotlight, especially in Virginia with the politicians on an apology tour for past mistakes of blackface and racist comments. That, as we all know, is an affront to everyone in society today with a conscience. It is a good thing that it is no longer tolerated. That being said, second, if racism is disgusting as we all know it is, why is abortion/infanticide on the scale of what New York and now Virginia celebrate and welcomed by so many and is considered perfectly ok. I saw on one of the news feeds that a female comedian on stage in Seattle was proud of her “first” abortion (I won’t say her name), and the audience cheered for it. The Catholic governor of New York recently signed legislation to make it legal up to 24 weeks to have one and past that it becomes a viability issue of the child and mothers safety. The state of Virginia tried to take it even further.

If that is the road we are headed down where abortion is celebrated and past mistakes on racism are more important than the taking of God-given life, society and all of humanity need to realize what is truly important and reassess their values. Issues deserve equal importance, one is race, and one is life. Respect both!


Dan Tassone,