Dear Editor,

Marika. Smart. Successful business woman. Successful business owner. DJ’s wife. From Czechoslovakia. As a young girl, she watched the Soviet tanks roll into Prague in 1968. And the family wanted out.

They feigned a vacation trip. Split up hoping at least 2 would make it out. Father and Marika, mother and brother. Their meager cash taped to their bodies. All possessions left behind. They all made it, mother and brother with money, father and Marika without.

But they made it. To Canada. No money. No English. Plenty of grit. Plenty of ambition. And plenty of freedom.

Marika bristles at the mention of Russia. “You don’t EVER trust a Russian.”

DJ has accommodated two state dinners that were attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Twice sat 15 feet from him, Putin surrounded by his bodyguards. Not men in crisp suits. Heavily armed unkempt thugs in leather jackets.

He has looked into President Putin’s eyes and seen – pure evil. A man who destroys any opposition. Kills any opposition. Has no regard or acceptance of a free press. No regard or acceptance of any criticism.

Putin is ex-KGB. Smart. Ruthless. With clear objectives in mind. Grinning from ear to ear as he high-fived Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman as he congratulated him on the successful murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Knowing full well there would be no criticism or pushback from the United States. The White House occupant had their backs.

A failed Real Estate developer, a TV show host, a lying self-promoting narcissist is no match for Putin.

President Trump told officials that he didn’t believe that North Korea had missiles that could strike the U.S. mainland despite what his own intelligence agencies said. The reason for his skepticism? Russian President Vladimir Putin had told him it wasn’t the case…

Intelligence officials who were at the briefing said that they believed otherwise. To which the president replied, “I don’t care. I believe Putin.” (Andrew McCabe)

This should scare every American who values freedom, peace, and prosperity. Unless you believe everything is fake news.

Or is that a strategy?

Khashoggi didn’t believe in fake news and look what it got him.

James Spangler, OD,



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