Not so fast

Dear Editor,

Whether it be those crazy liberal Blues or them insane conservative Reds, one would hope that where we inhabit, our Earth, would be one thing all could agree on.

Seriously, everyone should want to keep it in good shape. Keep it running smoothly. Allowing it to provide us with the clean air, water, and foods that sustain us all. Us All.

One does not have to be a tree hugger to want bees flying around. To want to fish in a stream. To enjoy strange animals in strange locales. One does not have to be a pumper, logger, nor refiner to want something similar for their children and children’s children.

However, under our radar due to a general daily stream of self-inflicted crisis, my president oversees and condones an overarching environmental policy that is truly the crime. In fact, it might be easier to convict a human being based upon their disregard for the planet, more so than their disregard for the truth.

To wit: Donald Trump is promising every American a less-efficient car, so they can spend more money at the gas pump. He has friends in the industry, he is a businessman, and he denies climate change, so we shouldn’t be surprised, just outraged. Standards set in 2012 would have doubled gas mileage by 2025, but Trump is freezing those improvements, a decision even automakers like Ford and Honda have spoken out against.

Coal plants have been closing at a rapid clip since natural gas and renewables have taken over more and more of the energy market, an inconvenient fact for my president. However, when your appointed EPA Secretary, Andrew Wheeler, is a former energy lobbyist for the coal industry one wonders who has the dirtier hands, the actual coal miner or the Administration.

Both sides of the debate enjoy public lands. The freedom to roam, to hike, to hunt, camp, fish, explore and marvel at this US of A that is ours. Both sides know the frustration of discovering that what once was available is now posted, leased, or sold and therefore no longer public. My president and the current Administration would like to remove millions of acres from public access to place it in the hands of private corporations. In 2017, the government offered 11.9 million acres of public land for oil and gas leasing, a 500 percent increase from the year before. Trump also has his eye on land not yet available for grabbing: He ordered reviews of 27 national monuments and 11 marine sanctuaries, and already shrank monuments in Utah by some 2 million acres.

You can’t get those back.

For the “drill to drive” crowd? For the first time since 1973, the United States is the world’s largest producer of crude oil. American oil output has more than doubled over the past decade. With the introduction of new tech, we’re good. You can chill now. Stay out of our public land, we’ll stay out of your private land.

There’s lots more. It seems there always is. I just wish it didn’t have to be so obvious, while at the same time so ignored.


Scott R. Blume,