In the headlines

Dear Editor,

I wanted to comment on a few issues that have been in the headlines for several weeks.

First, I am deeply troubled by the rise of socialism/Marxism in our country. Do we not remember the millions of people enslaved by the various forms of these totalitarian systems? Why would free people even contemplate such a move?! Do we truly desire to have everything in our lives controlled by the State?! The melting down of Venezuela should be a lesson for all of us!

There used to be a time when we cherished our independence when we honored the memory of men and women who paid the ultimate price to preserve it. I think it’s no accident that this political insanity comes rushing in as the “Greatest Generation” is passing away.

In terms of our immigration situation, I think it’s delusional to keep insisting that there’s no crisis at the border. I realize that the bitterness of partisan politics is rampant, but all you have to do is look at what’s happening in your community and you’ll see the devastating effects drugs are having on our society. This modern-day plague has filtered down from the large cities to our towns and villages. If a serious barrier kept just one father or mother from overdosing, it’s definitely worth it! If it stopped just one child from being sexually exploited by the evil drug cartels, or one terrorist from his murderous goal, it’s worth it! Our government has spent far more on far less crucial programs than this one.

Concerning the late-term abortion law passed in New York State; who could possibly stand and cheer after having legalized ending a baby’s life for practically any reason. I realize I’m part of an older generation, but I thought that was infanticide. I keep remembering a woman, who worked for an abortion organization boasting that if they sold a few more “baby parts” she could buy a Lamborghini sports car. As a people what have we become?! Are we so callous, so desensitized by our rapidly deteriorating culture that we’ve lost all sense of decency and respect for human life?!

As I have written in previous letters; in the Bible, there are several accounts of a superpower, just before the return of Jesus Christ that self destructs. It was richly blessed with freedom and prosperity but squandered it away. We must be extremely careful of the path we’re taking, of the freedoms we’re sacrificing. The consequences are truly frightening.


John A. Peterson,

Chandlers Valley