And a-round we go

Dear Editor,

Hey, Warren, it looks like another bad command decision has been made for the good residents of the Warren community by a council that listened to our concerns and three concerned ones voted no to having an unneeded roundabout in the middle of town, and three apparently deaf to the majority of us all voted yes. Unfortunately, for the many fine residents and major business leaders that did not want it and raised legitimate concerns including safety, pedestrian traffic flow, and costs. The head of the city maintenance even said not having it is more cost efficient. The pleas have been ignored by our Mayor Cashman because the roundabout is clearly what he wants. If the city had an impeachment procedure opportunity for his removal from office, this would be one of them.

The roundabout is a bad idea for that area and most people know it. It seems that when a suggestion for a referendum vote was brought up previously, we were told that time is of the essence or funding might not be available down the road. Maybe waiting for a vote should have happened and the citizens would truly be heard. That is real democracy!

The mayor said, “it is a settled matter,” but should it be? We will end up with something that no one wants or needs, but our misguided disappointment of a mayor will have his way. Time to vote out tyranny.

To quote TV’s Mr. Spock, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few,” or the one.

Dan Tassone,