Dear Editor:

Maybe (knowledge is never absolute)… Trump is all the vile things made out to believe? So? Donald J. was knowingly elected to get the job done, keeping promises made on the campaign trail.

What’s so shocking? Fake news conspicuously fake by its absence in non-reporting. Democrats can not be trusted. To wit, George H. W. Bush (biggest mistake of Ronald Reagan) raised taxes but ‘crats did not honor spending cuts.

Stop your ignorance, insulting the USA Electoral College, Warren’s own Ash Khare, and the 70-plus percent of the county’s 2016 voters.

Verification: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), “In my 31 years of office I have never seen a US President accomplish what President Trump has done in two years.”

Said antagonists should quit trying to rescue mankind from what their illicit minds generate. Remember: Don’t worry about saving the world, life is tough, people will save themselves, and, life is like a thread on a spool, at some point in time, the spool runs out.

Trump-haters should get a life, doing so might find the real world; but their frustrations derived from the IQ’s unable to operate inside the box (check) Trump, IQ’s in the 160s, functions successfully well outside the box.

Try your best to, “have a good day, eat your veggies, and take care of your social.”

To save or not to save?

Always a choice,

John L. Erickson,


PS: If you want bad things to write about, try Michelle Obama. “Not proud to be an American.” Now, “most admired woman.” It can’t get any worse. Yeah, it can — Hillary Clinton, blood on their hands. Democrats are suspect: For power, not the people.