The Wall

Dear Editor,

What on earth is The Wall the answer to?

If the question is where American jobs have gone — it’s not Mexicans coming over the border and stealing them. It’s greedy Americans who can get their product made cheaper in China and corrupt politicians who then let them then bring those goods back in, never mind the destruction of American families and communities, never mind that American taxpayers foot the bill for the unemployment compensation and the public assistance checks that cause.

If the question is why all the violence in America, it’s not murderous Mexicans stealing over the border. It’s a society in chaos; it’s families without leadership; it’s Americans with no jobs, no future, and no hope, and a congress of professional politicians who have no idea what eking out a living in the labor force is and consequently no ability to represent the American people – if indeed they had the desire to.

The answer should be NO. NO to the wall. NO to super deluxe 69th generation fighter jets and aircraft carriers to fight terrorists in pick-up trucks. And while we’re at it, NO to huge salaries and retirements for our representatives who should NOT be paid, but should just be proud to represent us.

If you want a wall, build a wall of tariffs high enough that the stuff American companies build in Asia isn’t cheaper than stuff built here, with American labor. THAT will level the playing field and keep jobs here, as well as cut the taxpayer bill subsidizing displaced American workers. THAT will begin to reduce the violence in our cities. Then perhaps we can start to rebuild our country.

Pete Westover,