The shutdown

Dear Editor,

Our childish politicians are causing all kinds of grief for the American people. I heard 2 things on the news today that was very upsetting. They stated that the government shutdown could cause several American families to return Christmas gifts. This is outrageous. One family stated that they had to take out a loan to make their car payment. The problem with that is that they now are faced with 2 loan payments.

The other thing in the news was that this shutdown could affect children’s lunch programs. This is beyond outrageous. We cannot deny our kids school lunches just because of politicians arguing. I am sure that our local school district, our local government and local companies will see that this does not happen. We cannot let our kids go hungry over this.

We do not need that wall. There is a way to keep people from entering our country without a wall. They are coming here because they want us to give them everything. All we need to do is cut them off from everything. If they find that they will get nothing, they will lose the desire to come here. No legal entry, no benefits. It is as simple as that. We had better not be giving them social security. It takes 10 years of working a job to get it for us and the same should apply to them as long as they are of age and as long as they are legal. All these people need to do is what our ancestors did- make application, submit to a medical exam to be sure they are not carrying any diseases, check their criminal background, and require that they learn English. The wall problem solved. How long will they stay if they get nothing until requirements are met?

Final note — I sure hope Congress is not being paid during this shutdown. It costs a lot more to pay them than it does ordinary citizens so it only makes sense that their pay is also being withheld but I bet it is not!


Barry Keller,