Dear Editor,

Many citizens have expressed their disapproval of the proposed roundabout only to be chastised and belittled as sticks in the mud’s unwilling to accept change. This is ridiculous and uncalled for. Would you call United Refining Company a stick in the mud unwilling to change? How about Crossett, Inc.?

We are all entitled to our opinions. I respect the opinion of those who think the roundabout is a good idea. Although I don’t know many who actually do, I still respect them. I was taught that you can disagree without being disagreeable.

So, I expect the following opinions to be respected in kind:

It is a bad Idea. First, because the intersection will be under construction for 1-2 years, causing people to avoid the area during that time.

I also believe there are no businesses in that area that can withstand disruption and decreased patronage of that magnitude without either closing or relocating.

Second, people avoiding the area will use alternative routes that will take them through the school zone on Conewango Ave. This is asking for a tragedy to occur.

Third, I believe there will be more accidents, albeit fender benders than we currently have now with a square intersection at Market and Pennsylvania

Fourth, the City DPW manager has expressed his concerns with plowing and maintenance of the intersection.

Fifth, while a traditional intersection is a more costly option, the roundabout will cost more in maintenance costs that are as yet to be determined what they even are.

Sixth, local businesses that utilize the intersection have reservations about a roundabout.

Finally, my opinion is that the people who have expressed opposition to the roundabout are not stuck in the mud old fuddy-duddies that can’t accept change. They are your fellow citizens, neighbors, co-workers, and friends, and maybe even your employer who all have legitimate concerns.

Please, let’s be civil to each other in discussing this issue.


James A. Zavinski Jr.,

North Warren