Dear Editor,

The longer the backsight the more accurate the foresight. Civil matters, civilizations, holidays give direction: Halloween — All Souls Day, spooky spirits; Thanksgiving — the harvest, giving thanks; Christmas — the winter solstice; Easter — vernal equinox, spring, life “rising from the dead” of winter.

Religious holidays are derived from the seasons. Yes, Pagans are religious, practitioners of astrology: “The three Wise men, Christos, the one to come”; The apocalypse — end of the world (age) of Taurus (darkness) to the current age (world) of Aquarius (knowledge – enlightenment). Said peoples (doctrines) the Roman Catholic Church brought into the fold, 327 CE, Council of Constantius, via politics, a religious body for “The First Church”; included figurative cannibalism, communion, consuming the body and blood of Christ.

The Greek, “All went to an Egypt (origin 40,0000 BCE), Africa, to study.” From the Egyptian Book of the Dead, everlasting life via weighing the heart v feather. Guidance from the grandiose temples (40,000 square meters), the zodiac, Dendera, 2500 BCE, now staged in The Louvre, Paris, France. More recent Egyptian times, 125 BCE, found the origin of Christianity.

“religion” is a thing of the past: The Great Cathedrals of Europe empty (“of the young”), the concept of “God” dead, (out of date). The true measure of holidays, gone, primarily for materialistic reasons — the wealth of nations: all have it well, forgetting where coming from, the sacrifice of others. Values are material, not spiritual of yesteryear, but a new mind of intellectual evolution: the human doing, not being; but for that, now more realized, the force (“be with you”) — the conscious universe.

Said three holidays falling in the same. virtual quarter, the billions of dollars spent, a new name and day should be given to combining events: Mass giving. Verification: Presidents’ Day and store displays starting in September — the Autumnal Equinox, the day, 21 September.

Life is not too short, but too good. What’s it all about? The living of life: prioritize to enjoy the day, every day a holiday. If not, on the wrong side of the market (in the wrong place). Be thankful for all the good people.

So, to restructure, or let the proverbial sleeping dog “lie?”

Always a choice,

John L. Erickson,


PS: Liking one’s work is enjoying the day. Work is a religious form, “Bahaullah (“The Second Coming”), Bahai faith, 1844, the religion of the age.