Clarendon VFW

Dear Editor,

There was a small fire in the HVAC unit at the Clarendon Veterans Club at 9:30 this morning (Thursday, Nov. 30), filling the club with smoke and soot. After the fire department gave the all-clear by 10:30, there was a large contingent of employees, members, veterans and not, who showed up to help in the cleanup, which was added to all day long as people became aware of the situation. By 3:00, the Club was open for business.

I would hope that the Warren County School District Board of Directors would take notice of the interest that the people of Clarendon take in their community and would help in their plans to continue to maintain and improve their town with the acquisition of Allegheny Valley School and support their plans to aid disadvantaged veterans. The town does not have a lot of money, but it does have plenty of heart. Do the right thing and transfer the property in its entirety to Clarendon Borough.

Lee Borger,