City council approves roundabout

Dear Editor,

I was not surprised the roundabout was chosen. Mayor Cashman states everyone he talked to is in favor of the roundabout — it’s time to move into the 22nd Century, says the mayor. Who is the everyone who wants the roundabout?

The trucking industry in Warren was for the left-turn signal traffic light with a wider road.

Public Works Department Director Holtz pointed at all the extra construction needed for the roundabout — sewer work, lighting, maintenance — estimated at $25,000 per year.

Also, the roundabout will leave Warren with fewer parking spaces, plus the roundabout costs more.

Where is the estimated $25,000 per year maintenance money going to come from? Warren’s tax base gets smaller and smaller. The mayor and the “powers that be” in Warren were so strapped for money, evidently, they had to erect parking meters at the U.S. Post Office and the Warren Public Library not too long ago.


Mary Leo,