Cancel my subscription. Not!

Dear Editor,

Ok, so I consider canceling my subscription to the WTO each year when I receive my bill. It is largely for financial considerations. Recently, I became aware of a credible co-authored study from the University of Illinois and Notre Dame explaining the important role local papers have as the “watchdog” of our local government. I actually read most of the study before I fell asleep.

The study concluded that if a community loses their only paper, their government(s) will likely become less efficient. These inefficiencies can equate to higher costs to run the government and higher interest rates when they borrow money. Those extra costs will be passed down to me, the taxpayer.

Thank you, WTO, for a good return on my investment.

Will Novitske,


(The study can be read online by searching: “Financing Dies In Darkness? The Impact of Newspaper Closures on Public Finance”)